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SmileMe helps you fall in love with your smile from "tooth"!

A smile is a necessity in life no matter what time it is, if you are afraid of smiling because of crooked teeth, it will bring you a lot of inconvenience in your life!

Let's get this straight

SmileMe all-round invisible braces

Our 3D printed invisible braces are the best solution to help you have a bright smile. SmileMe All-round Invisible Braces is the only 3D Invisible Braces treatment that has a Hong Kong registered dentist follow-up among products at the same price in the market, and there are no hidden charges.


5 advantages of all-round invisible braces treatment

US FDA certification

US FDA certification is SmileMe's guarantee to customers. This can only be obtained after 3-7 years of supervision after strict examination by the World Trade Organization. The certified company means that the materials used in the product are absolutely safe and reliable!

Dental clinics all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories

Dental clinics provide treatment services. We will first provide professional first dental examinations, scaling services, full oral xray examinations and 3D computer scans. If necessary, we will help you grind your teeth and extract teeth!

Free fixer after treatment ($5000)

Each client receives a $5,000 dental retainer upon completion of the treatment.

Dental Alignment
Handle any braces case

SmileMe also has orthodontic experts to help you with artificial teeth arrangement, to ensure that every customer can get a suitable orthodontic method for both teeth!

Each case is handled independently by an orthodontist

Each case is followed up independently by orthodontic experts, so that customers can receive the most considerate treatment.




Celebrities and KOL clients

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